• my journey


    2007-2017 - Phoenix, Arizona

    I obtained a MAEd in Adult Education and Training and worked as a University Academic Advisor/Counselor for over a decade.


    2018-2020 - SE Asia

    I made the leap to sell everything I owned to travel abroad and pursue a nomadic lifestyle. I began my nomadic journey in Vietnam where I taught English and recruited English teachers. I quickly fell in love with SE Asia and everything the expat life of a traveling digital nomad lifestyle had to offer.


    I spent two years living abroad & dedicating countless hours to online trainings to build up and elevate my digital marketing skills. I am a true lifelong learner and education junkie! I’m often taking multiple continuing education courses at any given time.


    2020-2022 - Southern Oregon Coast

    When COVID hit, I made my way back to the states where I am still hanging currently. I'm near my family and loving the Oregon Coast lifestyle. I also bought a RV and making #rvlife a whole.entire.vibe!


    During this timeframe, I took a few more skill building and business building courses online, worked for a content marketing agency, did some varied freelance work, and took on a handful of aspiring writers for mentoring and internships.


    I grew personally and professionally a ton during this period.



    I'm both a marketer and educator at heart! My #1 passion has always been helping people grow! Whether it be helping small businesses grow or helping aspiring freelance writers build their skills--I'm into it!


    Presently I'm focused on relaunching my updated/revamped writing courses to make a greater impact for aspiring writers. If you are an aspiring freelance writer looking to develop your writing skills required to become a CONFIDENT content writer online--YOU ARE IN THE WRITE PLACE!


    I'd also love to connect with small business owners to create a marketing plan for you. I’ve worked with start ups, non-profits, entrepreneurs, small businesses, course providers, coaches, bloggers, podcasters, creatives-- you name it!


    When I'm not busy working online, I'm also passionate about minimalism, conservationism, hiking, writing, traveling, experiencing new cultures, and all things wine tastings/education. 


    Learn more about my personal story that lead me to pursue freelancing and begin my entrepreneurial journey.