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    Dana Drahos, Podcast Manager

    I met lots of amazing digital nomad girls through Angie's organized meet ups. I knew I wanted to work online, but didn't know where to start. Angie offered tons of great guidance and resources to point me in the right direction, and she even introduced me to my very first podcast client! Angie has literally changed not only my life, but so many others! I'm so happy to know her!

    Angie is an "expert community builder and networker, and the most supportive person ever."

    Lauren Kelley, ESL Tutor

    Angie is amazing, brilliant and wonderful, to say the least! When you step out and are doing something new you face a lot of unknowns. Angie helps shed light on so many things, is encouraging and helps you figure things out. She is so easy to talk to, her energy is positive, she gives wonderful feedback and insight!

    She is my go to when it come to consulting and business strategies!

    Laura McMahon, Founder of Online English Teacher in 15

    Angie is the one of the most supportive, kind and genuinely caring people that I know. She always gives everything she does 100%.

    She is truly happy to help people and see them succeed.

    Roleen Green, Writer & Poet

    She is the most supportive, attentive and informative person you could possibly find. Her knowledge spans over many areas and the research she puts into any recommendation ensures that she will not lead you astray. I have no doubt that when I reach out to Angie for any question or assistance that she will be able to assist me in finding answers or for the support I need. She has such positive energy and can motivate you in the most positive way without discouraging you for any lack of progress.

    I can’t recommend Angie enough.

    Natalie Williams, TELL ME EVERYTHING Podcast Host

    Wow, Angie was so helpful for me! I was feeling so overwhelmed with my visions, how to get started and how to take some actionable steps to get closer to those big goals. She held me accountable, gave so much awesome feedback and direction and really supported me every step of the way! Her feedback was above and beyond with really clear guidance on HOW and WHAT to work on.

    I'm so thankful for her inspiration!

    Natalie Tsiomas, English Teacher & Travel Blogger

    Angie embodies the word 'inspiring'. Her tenacity and drive inspire me to this day. Angie has helped me transition into content writing and has been incredibly supportive during this process. I have used her editing services for my personal blog and we have collaborated on various other articles. She has strong editing skills and applies attention to detail, whilst still preserving the voice of the writer. Her dynamic attitude makes her immensely easy to work with. Her positive can-do approach is so infectious, it's hard not to be energized when interacting with her.

    She will always be my go-to for any of my editing needs.

    Hannah Stephenson, Writer & Virtual Assistant

    It's always wonderful to work with Angie. She's so supportive and is always ready to offer guidance. She's introduced me to so many new opportunities and her dedication is really inspiring. She's such a great editor and provides constructive and insightful feedback.

    Definitely put her straight at the top of your list!

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